Kenya library project


As part of a long term plan to improve and promote education and learning, HURUMA's Operation Education is aimed at opening a public library in rural Kenya. The library, to be located in the village of Kathanjuri, will be the first and only of its kind within a 15 mile radius!

Many schools and communities in rural Kenya are void of books, and children and adults alike must travel great distances (usually on foot) just to find a library. Through the efforts of Operation Education, villagers will soon have free access to a wealth of knowledge.


Over 1,500 books have already been collected through donations by American schools, libraries, churches and families. HURUMA has also graciously received commitment of complementary ocean freight service by one of the world's largest freight carriers.

HURUMA is also assembling a team of community leaders in Kenya who are passionate about learning to work closely with village officials in finding a public space suitable for housing the new library. A decision of the library's location is expected soon.