Kenya AIDS Crisis.


HURUMA's support for orphaned children in Kenya dates back as far as 1998. In 2008, HURUMA was approached by the family of entrepreneur and philanthropist Saji Daniel seeking to invest in a project aimed at restoring hope to children impacted by AIDS. After witnessing rural public schools in Kenya void of running water and electricity, the Daniel Family quickly realized that long-term change would require individualized attention.

25 students became the inaugural recipients of the Daniel Family Scholarship in January 2009. This lifetime scholarship opportunity provides full tuition, including admission, room and board, medical expenses, textbooks, school supplies and uniforms, at a prestigious boarding school or university in Kenya to orphans and vulnerable children demonstrating outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential, and a passion to succeed.

Additional scholarships continue to be awarded, thanks to unparalleled interest on behalf of donors in this life-changing scholarship program. Still, despite these amazing efforts, countless deserving children await their opportunity for a competitive education, protection from poverty, disease, and abuse, and hope for the future.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for HURUMA scholarships, students must live in Kenya, demonstrate financial need, and have no criminal history of participation in illegal activities.

Application Process

To be considered for scholarships, applicants must submit:

Applicants are then interviewed and tested to determine appropriate grade level. Applicants may also undergo a health examination, at HURUMA's expense, to ensure they are in good health.

Award Process

Scholarships are awarded by a selection committee based on review of application materials and interviews. Scholarships are renewable annually for students upholding academic and behavior standards required under the terms of the scholarship.